Our Team

Our professional team will educate and inspire you to invest in yourself to ensure your road to recovery.

Rehab Team

Julie Kobrynovich | BScKin, MPT

Registered Physiotherapist

Olga Aguilar | BScPT

Registered Physiotherapist

Kamille Aguilar l BSc Biochemistry, MPT

Registered Physiotherapist

Vrunda Patel

Physiotherapy Resident 

Ashley Payne l BHSc (Major in Kinesiology)

Registered Kinesiologist, Level 1 FST Practitioner

Alyssa Chilco | BScKin, MScPT

Physiotherapy Resident

Josh Poechman | B Kin 

Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA)

Julie Mette

Physiotherapy Assistant | CPT | B. Kin


Dr. Ana Candia

Naturopathic Doctor

Massage Therapists

Pierre Langlois | RMT CAHP

Registered Massage Therapist

Franklin Jimenez | RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Sorubini Sivalingham

Registered Massage Therapist

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Patient Experience Team

Cassandra Chapman, DCS/DEC in Medical Office Administration

Patient Experience Manager (PEM)

Michael Kobrynovich | BA Economics, CFP

Office Manager

Karmen Christie

Patient Experience Coordinator (PEC)

Sierra Stewart 

Patient Experience Coordinator (PEC)

The majority of insurers cover Physio visits. Check your specific plan by contacting your insurance provider prior to the assessment.