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Physiotherapy is a profession that focuses on the human body and its biomechanics – basically how you move! Our goal is to guide you through the recovery process and allow you to get back to living the best life you can.




“We specialize in the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.”


A health care profession that treats a variety of injuries and illnesses so that you may improve your overall health and wellbeing. Through assessment and treatment, it aims to promote, restore and maintain mobility, strength and function through the use of a variety of hands on techniques, exercise and more.


Remove the obstacles that have kept you from feeling your best, as well as offer you natural ways to optimize every aspect of your health. Work one-on-one to get to the ROOT cause of your concern and create an individualized treatment plan suited to your specific goals and needs.


Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that works on every aspect of health. Kinesiologists are university educated health care professionals, with have written an exam and licensed through the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. They are human movement specialists in science and research that offer mobility as medicine to any person. They promote health and wellness, while rehabilitating and preventing injuries, treating illness and chronic disease, restore function and optimize human performance and fitness in sports.


Shockwave Therapy is a highly effective treatment used to accelerate rehabilitation in tissue that are having difficulty healing or have a tendency to heal slowly or incompletely. It is an advanced non-surgical technology that is currently one of the only “technology-based therapies” that clinical research studies report as effective.


A health care profession that uses soft tissue technique performed by certified massage therapists to reduce soft tissue adhesions and restrictions to assist with improving range of motion, restoring functional movement and reducing symptoms.


A complementary practice that involves stimulating certain points along the body using traditional Chinese meridians using needles. In turn, the stimulation assists with the balance and flow of energy (also known as Qi) to alleviate pain and to treat numerous health care conditions.


Therapeutic approach to treatment of sport specific injuries or mechanical dysfunction that assists athletes to effectively treat symptoms and return to optimal performance. An individual comprehensive treatment program begins with the initial goal of reducing pain and swelling; followed by a reconditioning approach including sport specific strengthening to achieve optimal performance. The later end of treatment also includes a focus on preventative management.


Pelvic health assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions that include and are not limited to male and female incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, post-prostatectomy and more related conditions


GRASTON® Technique is a form of IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization) that combines manual therapy with exercise prescription. The GRASTON Technique utilizes specialized ergonomic stainless steel GRASTON® instruments that massage and scrape the skin gently, followed by specific exercise prescription to enhance the healing process of the dysfunctional tissues.


Frederick Stretch Therapy® (FST) is a table-based, pain free assisted stretching technique performed by a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. FST involves pain free stretching and mobilizations that are combined with breathing to support and relax the nervous system. FST not only focuses on stretching the muscles but also places an emphasis on stretching the vast connective tissue matrix known as fascia.


  • Manual/Manipulative Therapy
  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Running Assessment
  • Home Visits
  • Bracing
  • Laser Therapy

Nicole's Success Story

As a runner, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with physiotherapists, and I have to say that Julie is by far at the top of my list. Where some therapists will focus on treating the symptoms themselves, Julie always looks to find the source of the problem and addresses that first, which leads to a much quicker (and more permanent) recovery. For an athlete to hear you have to stop moving is probably one of the worst things, but Julie never did that, she would work with me to adjust my training plan to accommodate my injury, and help incorporate the necessary exercises to help the rehabilitation process. On another note, I loved that Julie was always willing to come speak to groups of new (and old) runners to share her wisdom as well as tips and tricks on how to prevent and help heal injuries!

A.R.'s Success Story

I went to see Julie after an Achilles injury and to help with severe foot pain.  By the time I got to the end of my work day walking was almost unbearable and I needed some relief.  Julie really took the time to listen and worked with me to try to figure out the problem and what she could do to bring an end to my pain.  She was thorough, knowledgeable and really cared about me as a patient. Having Julie as your physiotherapist means that you have someone who cares about your overall health.  She looks at the big picture, how each element is connected and really treats your overall well-being, not just the singular area bringing you pain.  She spent her time with me helping to relieve my pain, heal my injury and work on prevention of any future problems.  I am very thankful to Julie for the time she took for me.  I really felt like a person and not a just a patient.  It is very obvious that health is not only Julie’s business, but her passion.

J. Caldwell's Success Story

I cannot honestly say enough about Julie and her amazing bedside manner, as well as her vast knowledge base when it comes to physiotherapy. Julie is one of the best physiotherapists in Durham Region and I’m thankful to have her to help me with any injuries I have incurred as a paramedic. Her care has really helped me to sustain the rigorous demands of my job.

Christie's Success Story

Julie is such a wonderful person with a special gift. I was in so much pain and with a few stretches and a few at-home pointers, it has made the world of difference. And that's not even with constant help. She is the best.

L.P.'s Success Story

I would absolutely 100% recommend Julie (over and over and over again) to anyone.  She cares so much about her patients and takes the time to listen to them.  When I came in with a plantar issue, she helped me not only find the right exercises but also took the time to review all of my other pain points (with having Fibromyalgia) and provided recommendations for those areas too.  This really made me feel important and in a world where everything is so fast paced these days, it was nice to feel like a person and not a patient file number. 
Thank you Julie!!!!

Gloria's Success Story

I can highly recommend Julie. She is a very knowledgeable, kind and caring Physiotherapist.
If I need physiotherapy again, I would only book with Julie.


Exceptional Service

A compassionate and empathetic nature is the hallmark of our highly qualified team of therapists and staff.


One-on-One Care

Respecting your time and ensuring you have one-on-one with our therapists so that you may continue to get the best our professions offer.


The Educated Patient

Treatment with an emphasis on patient education so we ensure you have an active role in your goals and rehabilitation.


Knowledgeable Therapists

Our clinic emphasizes continuing professional development through current research and professional courses, so that you may have effective treatment.